Schedule of Events:

Overview: Friday, March 22nd

Location: Hibernian Hall, Roxbury
6pm - 10pm

Focus: Community Celebration & Art  
Join us for community, art, connection and co-creation.

We’ll kick things off with a huge community celebration featuring QTPOC+ and intergenerational artists at this performance venue, combined with interactive art making experiences, and vendor tables.

Friday Concurrent Art & Goodies:

  • Tactile “break room” with art supplies available for when individuals or families need a break from the performance space.

  • Multiple artists showing and spotlighted throughout the event

  • Community Partners will have tables to share their work

  • Light food offered throughout the evening

  • Donation based bar will open at 6pm with Tips Certified Bartenders

Friday Performers:

Location: Hibernian Hall, Roxbury
6pm - 10pm
(Doors open at 5:30pm, doors close at 11pm)

  • Emcee: Amanda Shea

  • Stage Manager: Joy McDowell

  • Part I:

    • Welcome ~ Joseph Quisol + Amanda Shea

    • Conservatory Lab Charter School, classical  

  • Part II:

    • Michael A. Rosegrant, poet

    • Adrienne Hawkins, dance

    • Youth United Artists, multi-model

  • Part III:

    • Danza Orgánica, dance performance

    • Quisol, #LatinXFuture

    • Dom Jones, contemporary

Overview: Saturday, March 23rd

Locations: District Hall, Seaport  & Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)
9am - 7pm

Focus: Elevation & Opening

  • An incredible morning keynote is followed by an action packed day of break-out workshops, panel discussions and town-hall style meetings.  

  • The day is capped off by a closing keynote and community happy hour.

Saturday Opening Keynote

Location: Institute of Contemporary Art
9am - 10:30am

  • Museum Welcome: Tsugumi Maki, ICA COO  

  • ACI Welcome: Marian Brown, ACI Executive Director

  • Performance 1: Abilities Dance

  • Speaker Intro: Shreyas Navare, ACI Board Member  

  • Land Recognition & Speaker 1: Jason Lujan, Mixed-Media artist

  • Speaker 2: Hyppolite Ntiguirwa, Everyday Peace Artist, Founder of the Hyppolite for Peace Foundation

  • Speaker 3: Kaisha Johnson, Founder of Women of Color in the Arts

  • Performance 2: Quisol - #LatinX Future

Saturday Concurrent Session 1:

Location: District Hall
11am - 12:30pm

  • BOCH’s Teen Leadership Council (Javiera Lagunas-Alvarez, Jaronzie Harris, Jasmine Gracia & BOCH Teens)

  • How not to get Chump-Changed: The Artist’s Role in Housing and Divestment Justice (Brandie Blaze, Dey Hernández, McKersin, Pampi, Kimberly Barzola)

  • Multilingual Anger (Samatha Bryan, Cassandre Charles, Creature Karin Webb, Katia Tirado, Makiko Suda)

  • Dismantling Biased Marketing Practices (John Beck)

  • Arts Equity in Education: Fostering equitable access and cultural responsiveness (Ruth Mercado-Zizzo, Tony Beatrice, Irene Idicheria)

  • Artists Thrive Toolkit (Jim Grace, Juwonni Cottle)

Saturday Concurrent Session 2:

Location: District Hall
1:30pm - 3:00pm

  • NATIVE AMERICAN ART: Appreciation or Appropriation (Dawn Spears, Kristen Wyman, Endawnis Spears)

  • Youth United Artists (Sumeya Aden, Dashawn Borden, Alice Brito-Acevedo, Ny’lasia Brown, Jonathan Lopez, Jedidia Santana, Jessica Fei, Stephen Hamilton)

  • Disability & Intersectional Justice (Nicole Agois, Charles Baldwin, Hannah Goodwin, Elbert Joseph, Ellice Patterson, Heather Watkins)

  • Loop-breaking: Creating a virtuous cycle of public art production (Darren Cole, Kate Gilbert, Lina Maria Giraldo, Julia Ryan, Victor Quinonez)

  • Building Equity from the Ground Up (Ashleigh Gordon, Daniel Callahan, Allentza Michel, L’Merchie Frazier, Tiffany Cogell)  

  • Live with Art Accordingly Podcast (Quanice Floyd, Joshua Jenkins)

Saturday Concurrent Art & Goodies:

Tactile “art space” with supplies available for when individuals or families need a break from the workshops, set up in the lobby of District Hall:

  • Multiple visual and mixed-media artists will share work at the venue, namely through multimedia projection on walls

  • Community Partners will add written work or swag to “swag bags” given out to participants

  • All partners are featured on all signage for the event

  • Coffee and tea served all day at District Hall, fully catered lunch for all participants and happy hour horderves

  • Community Happy Hour from 5pm - 7pm tri-hosted by Arts Connect International, Women of Color in the Arts and the Network for Arts Administrators of Color, with a Cash Bar at District Hall.

Inductive Session Threads

  • Youth Led-sessions (BOCH Center’s Team Leadership Council, Arts Connect International’s Youth United Artists)

  • Cross Sector-Sessions (Disability & Intersectional Justice, Loop-Breaking: Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Public Art Production, Arts in Education: Fostering Equitable Access and Cultural Responsiveness)

  • Artist Development (How Not to Get Chumped: and Make Sure You’re Not on The Wrong Side of “Progress”, Artist ToolKit, Multilingual Anger)

  • Equity Building Focused Sessions (Building from the Ground Up, Dismantling Biased Marketing Practices, NEFA Curated Session, Live with Art Accordingly Podcast!)

  • Healing, Reflection, Wellness [SUNDAY] (Elders Taiko Circle, Yoga & Art, Open Space – affinity focused)

Saturday Closing Keynote

Location: District Hall
3:30pm - 5:00pm

  • Welcome from ACI: Meena Malik, ACI Board Member  

  • Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture Remarks: Kara Elliot-Ortega, Chief of Arts & Culture

  • Poetry perspectives:

    • Paine the Poet, Ny’lasia Brown, Ally Ang, Tamiko Beyer

      • Introduced by: Bianca Tylek of the Corrections Accountability Project

  • Closing Fireside Keynote Chat, Featuring:

    • Aysha Upchurch - Dancing Diplomat

    • Dr. Antonio Cuyler - Florida State University

    • Pawlet Brookes - CEO of Serendipity Dance

    • Kim-Marie Spence - Cultural Scholar

      • Moderated by: Dr. Jennifer Bailey

Saturday 3/23 Happy Hour

Location: District Hall
5pm - 7pm

Overview: Sunday, March 24th

Locations: Non-Profit Center, Downtown
10am - 2pm  

Focus: Action & Healing
Sunday is focused on connectivity, healing and steps forward.  

  • A “Connection Brunch” provides a space for networking, lingering conversations, and continued progress.

Sunday Brunch Sessions:

Location: Non-Profit Center
10am - 2pm

  • Session 1: Taiko Drumming and Taking Space with Karen Young and the elders from Older and Bolder at BCYF Grove Hall Senior Center - Karen Young 1hr (all participants)

  • Session 2: Art & Yoga - Erwins Cazeau & Hillary Kaufman (two 30min sessions)

  • Session 3: Open Space Conversations - Audrey Seraphin (two 30min sessions)

  • Session 4: Closing gratitude circle - opened by Anju Madhok


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